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More recently, the term "Allied forces" has also been used to describe the coalition of the Gulf War, as opposed to forces the Multi-National Forces in Iraq which are commonly referred to as "Coalition forces" or, as by the George W.Bush administration, "the coalition of the willing".If you say "recent" and they still send you an old one, you can confront them as the lying ass they are upon meeting.

In Pakistan, 72% of respondents preferred ties to China, the largest margin of any country surveyed, while 46% of Bangladesh preferred India.

When spelled with a capital "A", "Allies" usually denotes the countries who fought together against the Central Powers in World War I (the Allies of World War I), or those who fought against the Axis Powers in World War II (the Allies of World War II).

The term has also been used by the United States Army to describe the countries that gave assistance to the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War.

In total, 21 countries expressed a preference for America at a rate of 50% or more.

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